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Alzheimer’s Awareness American’s Game

candy2HEY GUESS WHAT!?!?!? IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR THE ALZHEIMER’S AWARENESS AMERICANS GAME!! The game is on Saturday, October 24th. If you want tickets give Candy a call @ (509) 586-2158. She’s a super sweet gal who lost her mother to Alzheimer’s in 2009. So give her a call, buy some tickets and come see us at the game!! THANK YOU!! Here’s Candy’s personal story with Alzheimer’s:

“I have attached an old photo ( 2007 Walk in Spokane). My mom is the one with the red coat, in the middle. We would always take a huge group to Spokane, for about 3 years and I along with my sister Melissa decided we should bring the walk to the Tri-Cities, the goal was to have the walk her local so we could have our mom there. Well she passed the day before mother’s day 2009 and we had the walk in Sept. 2009. So the walk was actually in her memory!! The reason we picked the date in September, was because my parent’s anniversary was Sept. 20th, and we wanted it close to that date.  My mom started showing signs of Alz. Right after her 50th birthday, of course they didn’t diagnose right away saying it was depression, etc. well things progressed and we were left with the dreaded diagnosis. I am one of 4 kids. I’m the oldest; I have 2 sisters and a little brother. We all live here and actually work here at the family business, alongside with our dad. Losing our mother was very tough, but she was not herself for the last years of her life, and she lost the ability to speak. So we didn’t get to hear her repeat herself over and over. (which if you don’t have that, you miss it) but of course those who have a repeater, get annoyed. It’s all in perspective! She always lit up when the grandkids would come into the room- they were her everything. She didn’t know us or them by name, but knew we were familiar.


Now how I got involved with hockey game, I have had season tickets for years, as so did our company. I went to the Tri-City Americans and asked them about an Alzheimer’s awareness night and they gave it to us!! This will be the 4th year (I believe, time flies!) It has grown each year, which is great! The Ams and Atomic supply t-shirts for us to sell with 100% of proceeds to us (Alzheimer’s Association) and all the monies from the Silent Auction. So if you know anyone that would like to donate that would be awesome! I’m not good at asking or soliciting for that kind of thing. Mostly my family bucks up and creates baskets!”

We hope you enjoyed Candy’s personal story and we would love to hear yours as well! So don’t forget to call her up and purchase tickets to this years Alzheimer’s Awareness AMS game!

Thank you, Candy!!