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How to prepare your car for transportation

Although it may seem pretty straightforward, transporting your vehicle in a long-distance move can come with its complications if not prepared properly. Even in shorter distance moves, you need to be prepared and your car inspected thoroughly. As movers we try to inform our customers about the best ways to prepare cars for transportation to minimize damage and other obstacles. Minimize the risk and unforeseen delays associated with transporting your vehicle by knowing how to prepare a car for transport.

Check your car for existing damage

When preparing your car for transport it is important to check and document any pre-existing damage. First, wash you car thoroughly and inspect the car for any dents, chips, and any other cosmetic damages. Take lots of photos of the car and the location of the damage. Keep a record of all the damages and verify that your mover makes an official note. Documentation is important in the case your car should experience additional damage during the move and you have a way to compare.

Remove all valuables from your car

Ok, here is the deal. As movers we try as hard as possible to minimize damage and theft during your move, but the reality is your car will most likely be loaded, unloaded, and inspected numerous times during the move. This means that your car will most likely travel unlocked. Our advice is to remove any radios, cassette decks or CD players not built in, garage door openers, parking and toll passes must be removed. Also, electronic devices such as computer equipment are not permitted. Remove any personal or valuable items from your car. An automotive transporter’s insurance will not cover personal items left in the car.

Your Car Must Be Operable

This may seem like common sense, but it is not. Your automotive mover must be able to operate your vehicle during the move. Make they can start the car, move forward and in reverse, steer, break and have inflated tires.  Your car will be driven very little during the move, but nonetheless it should be in good driving condition to be able to be moved on and off the trailer. Problems with the car can cause unexpected delays in shipping. If your car is experiencing mechanical problems you should let your mover know, they may still be able to ship it but additional fees may apply. Other things to be aware of is: your gas tank should be about a quarter or eighth full to save weigh, also we need to know if your car has any special modifications like 4×4 lift kit, camper shell, vehicle lowered, excess length or width.

At Larsen Transfer we want to make your move an easy and stress-free one. Let us take the load off and move with us! We’ll make sure to walk you through all the preparations required whether it’s your home belongings or your vehicle!

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