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Long Distance Moving

Larsen Moving Tips Series

So, you’ve accepted that job offer across the country, or you’re finally moving back home. You feel the regular jitters that comes with a big change along with the unnecessary anxiety that comes with prepping and coordinating a long haul move. But… let us let you in on a little secret. You should be excited, not anxious. That’s what we’re here for! A long haul move is a complicated logistical process, it involves coordinating with several personnel, packing, loading, transporting, and unloading hundreds of items.

But believe it or not when it comes to long distance moves, there are actually three movers involved in the process: the loader, the transporter, and the unloader. This blog post will help you understand your move better and set you at ease. Larsen Transfer is the leading moving company in the Tri-Cities, WA. Our small, family-owned business is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

The People Involved in your Long Distance Move

The loader is usually the company you contract with (the one you choose for your move). They handle the transactions and the overall logistics, they also help with the packing and loading. But they won’t be the same company that transports your stuff to it’s destination. Why is that? You might ask. This is simply done to make your move more affordable and to prevent deadheading, or coming back with an empty truck. Each truck carries multiple shipments from different movers, not just yours. That is why a special skills for logistics and planning is required from the moving company you contract — they’ll make sure your shipment goes from Point A to Point B without a glitch. They must be able to tap into the resources and vast trucking capabilities available in the market in order to provide a service that is affordable and reliable.

The transporter, on the other hand, ensures that your household goods, fragile items, and furniture are kept safe with the necessary trailer equipment. The trucking company also provides all the supplies to protect your furniture such as pads, straps, bulk heads, ramps, and decking. When the trailer arrives at your home with your furnishings, the unloading company will be the one to set up your furniture and unpack everything if that is part of the agreement.

To make this exciting time of your move an easy one, you have to contact a moving company that knows logistics and knows how to tap into the best resources to make your experience enjoyable. Larsen Transfer is not only deeply local, but we understand the complex national logistics required to get shipments safely from one location to another. Need an estimate of your long distance move? Call us for an estimate!