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When should we expect to see our shipment? Usually, depending on weight and miles a good estimate is between 7-14 days.

Do you ship vehicles? Yes, you have an option to ship them on a car hauler or we have an in-van service.

Can we ship some household goods inside the car we are moving? No, United only allows typical items that belong in a car (i.e.: car seats, spare tire, tire jack etc.) to be left in a car during move. United Van Lines will not be responsible for anything left in a car that doesn’t belong in a car. Drivers will refuse to move items if they find them inside a vehicle.

When is the best time of the year to move? Our peak season is around May 12 – September 15, our rates go up during that time of year.

How much stuff do you think we have? A rough but good estimate on weight is 1000 per room. Count how many rooms you have in your home. Don’t forget to count the garage, sheds and attic.

How can we save money on our move? A huge way to save on costs is to do your own packing. Some people have us pack their fragile items and things they are unsure of how to pack.

How long will it take your crew to pack and load our shipment? Depending on the weight and how much packing needs to be done, it’s best to give each crew a full day to perform the required services assigned. We want to give each crew plenty of time so they can do the best job possible on your shipment.

When will we know when the driver wants to deliver? The driver is required by United Van Lines to call you 24 hours before he plans to deliver your shipment.

Will the driver put our beds back together at destination? Yes. Anything the crew and driver take apart at origin, they must put back at destination.

How and when do we pay for our move? Once we get an official weight on your shipment and the charges entered in. We will call you with the charges. You can pay your driver BEFORE he delivers with certified funds or we can take a credit card over the phone.

If we aren’t going to be there on pack, load or delivery day, can we have someone sign paperwork for us? We need to have someone there that can let us in, get a hold of you and tell us what gets packed/doesn’t, what goes/doesn’t and/or where things go.

How do you protect my furniture during the move? All furniture items get wrapped in heavy pads for shipping.

I have a large flat screen TV. How do you protect while en-route? Some people have the original box their TV’s were purchased in that they use. If you don’t, we can provide one that will protect your TV in transit.

We have irreplaceable items, family heirlooms and high value items, how should we take care of them? It is best if you have any irreplaceable items that you take them with you. Any items of extraordinary value should just be taken by the shipper that is the safest place for those items to be.

These are all suggestions, please make an appointment with our salesman and he would be happy to discuss in further detail.

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