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High Value Inventory Procedure

  • Examples of high value items: Jewelry, valuable papers, silverware, artwork, china, precious metals and stones, crystals or figurines, collections, furs, garments, oriental rugs or tapestries, computers, currency, coins, designer bags, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Completed form is to be given to the lead packer for proper packing and identification of items within shipment. Articles too large for packing must be shown to the lead packer. The lead packer will identify the high value item specifically on the inventory. The order number will also be placed on every box containing a high value item.
  • The customer and packing crew leader must sign the high value inventory form and each retains appropriate copies. The customer will retain copy #2 and the remaining 3 copies are to be returned to the original agent for the following distribution:

#1 copy immediately sent to UVL Claims department

#3 copy placed on top of the bill-of-lading for driver

#4 copy retained by the origin agent

  • If no United packing is performed, the van operator must still be shown the items, then the shipper must seal the boxes to avoid an additional labor charge if left for the van operator to do. The van operator would then sign the form since no lead packer is involved.
  • The shipper must sign the bill-of-lading section for “extraordinary (unusual) value article declaration” block signifying their understanding of the high value inventory requirement
  • Acknowledgement of receipt at destination will be insured by the van operator, with required signature of shipper on the high value inventory form
  • If the shipment goes into storage, the destination agent must insure that the high value items are received and appropriately taken care of.  Upon delivery out of storage, the agent would insure that the items delivered and that the shipper acknowledges receipt of them on the high value inventory in the appropriate place.

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