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Residential Relocation

Local Moves

P1000951Our local moves are done by the hour. The time starts when the crew leaves the lot, till your job is complete on the other end and then its cash on delivery.


*Winter Rates*

2 men and a van $110.00  per hour
Additional Man $40.00 per hour

**This does not apply to Centurylink**

Weekday Rates

1 man and a truck $ 80.00 per hour
2 men and a truck $ 130.00 per hour
3 men and a truck $ 170.00 per hour
Additional man $ 45.00 per hour

Saturday Rates
2 men and a truck $ 175.00 per hour/ 4 hour mini. applies $700.00
3 men and a truck $ 240.00 per hour/ 4 hour mini applies $960.00
Additional man $ 65.00 per hour

Sunday Rates
2 men and a truck $ 175.00 per hour/ 8 mini. $1,400.00
3 men and a truck $ 240.00 per hour/ 8 mini. $1.920.00
Additional man $ 65.00 per hour

Warehouse Handling

Monthly Storage

Intra-State Moves

These are moves within Washington State. They are calculated by the weight of your shipment, packing and mileage. Our minimum weight is 5,000 pounds. unless you can wait for when we have a shipment going your way to add with it.  Please call for a free estimate at (509) 943-9139.

Inter-State Moves

These are moves anyway in the United States. They are also calculated by the weight, packing and mileage.  Minimum on these moves are 2100 pounds. Please call our office and have our salesman give you a free estimate.

Small Shipment Program

These shipments go in a lift van or crate (Approximate dimensions 87’ x 45’ x 86’).  Minimum weight is 500 pounds and items must be able to fit in a lift van or crate.  There are several options on how we could take care of your small shipment.  You could bring it to our warehouse where our crew would load it into a lift van/crate. We could schedule our crew to come out to your home, pack and load your shipment and bring it back to our warehouse and load it into lift vans/crates. Once it is securely packed, we confirm with United Van Lines and have a freight company scheduled for a pick up. Then, they’ll haul it to a receiving destination agent in your area who will deliver your shipment out to you.  This tends to be a quick and inexpensive way to ship small shipments.

Quick Access Items

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