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Things you wouldn’t believe are left in mini storage units

larsen transfer mini storage unitThe mass appeal of reality TV show like Storage Wars and Storage Hunters have popularized the interesting (valuable…or downright weird!) things often left behind in abandoned mini storage units. People from all walks of life use mini storage units to store valuables and household items in an attempt to declutter their home. Even celebrities use storage units. Have you ever wondered what untold treasures lie behind those large overhead doors?

Larsen Transfer offers mini storage units, and we work diligently to accommodate our client’s needs. We’re always mindful and respectful of their belongings. But in some unfortunate situations, we’re forced vacate their unit if they don’t pay or abandon their unit altogether.

We’ve seen some interesting things. We encounter a wide range of knickknacks, antiques, and memorabilia. Although we won’t disclose the items left behind by our clients, here are some interesting stories from people who have. Some of these things you can’t make up!

Live hand grenade found in a mini storage unit

Imagine finding a live hand grenade inside an abandoned mini storage unit. Handle with care is an understatement! Finding ammunition or firearms in storage units is not entirely uncommon in the U.S. A man from Muskegon, Michigan won an auction for an abandoned storage unit which contained a small box with a hand grenade. He was shocked and proceeded to place the hand grenade in his car and drive it to the fire station to show the chief! The chief proceeded to called the bomb squad, which quickly defused the device. The chief did issue a statement shortly after warning people to not place a hand grenade in a car if they were to find it. That was a close call!

Rare and expensive cars

A Long Island Man that rented tools for a living was hoping to find some untold treasures and offered the winning bid for an abandoned mini storage unit container. Inside he found something big covered under a pile of blankets. To his surprise, underneath he found a car and not just any car. But instead of wheels, it had fins! Other than a dent on the roof, the car was in excellent condition. A passerby informed the buyer it was the Lotus Esprit S1 driven by Roger Moore in the 1977 James Bond Film “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

Rare comic book owned by Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage is an avid comic book fan collector. In 1997 he purchased a rare Action Comic Book for $150,000. This 1938 edition was the first volume of Action Comics and the first appearance by Superman. In 2000, the books were stolen from Cage’s home.  In 2011, a man purchased the contents of an abandoned storage unit in Southern California to find this rare piece of memorabilia inside! The book was returned to Cage shortly after.

Afterlife in mini storage unit

A family in Clearwater, FL fell significantly behind on paying for their mini storage unit. The storage company’s manager warned them he would have to sell or auction off the content of the unit if they failed to pay. Most of the items were pretty normal storage items, boxes of old household items and memorabilia. Except a blue painted casket with the remains of the family’s deceased grandma. Authorities concluded that the grandmother had died of natural causes. The body had already been prepared and embalmed by a funeral home. Her daughter, who passed away before the discovery had kept the body in storage since 1995.