Reasons You Should Consider a Mobile Storage Container

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If you are a homeowner, are you planning to move or downsize? Perhaps you need to move your child into a dorm at college and you need some storage space for his winter clothes and some extra furniture. If you run a business, maybe you have more stuff than your warehouse can store. Are you […]

Moving Your Grad Out

grad moving tips for college

Your child is about to embark on one of their biggest adventures of a lifetime – moving out of the house and starting college. You’ve thought of everything associated with this milestone event that includes sending high school transcripts, visiting the college campus, arranging the move into the dormitory or apartment, buying school supplies and […]

The Only Moving Supplies List You’ll Ever Need

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Let’s face it, while you may be looking forward to getting to your new place of residence, the process of moving is filled with stress, at times frustration, and is a test of mental and physical endurance as you gather all the supplies needed to pull the move off as efficiently as possible while engaging […]

Thinking of a DIY Move?

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All of us want a stress-free move and that typically includes spending as little as possible. Moving can represent an exciting milestone in our lives, giving us the chance to set a new path in our destination and live life on new terms. The best way to take advantage of this momentous transition is to […]

Portable Container Site Preparation

You have ordered your portable shipping container, but questions may linger about what you need to do to prepare for this important delivery. The many aspects of topics to investigate include permit requirements, delivery fees, ground conditions, and clearance space. You don’t want to be in an unfortunate position of having to remove your portable […]

Long Distance Moving

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So, you’ve accepted that job offer across the country, or you’re finally moving back home. You feel the regular jitters that come with a big change along with the unnecessary anxiety that comes with prepping and coordinating a long haul move. But… let us let you in on a little secret. You should be excited, […]

Packing and Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Moving from one home to another is a hectic time. Transporting your life from one location to another one is a huge undertaking that typically involves a lot of stress and chaos. And anytime you are juggling a lot of things at once, you are likely to make a few missteps. The least amount of […]

What You Should Know if You’re Moving to the Tri-Cities

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Whether you’re thinking of relocating to the Tri-Cities or moving to your dream home locally, Tri-Cities offers neighborhoods that are safe, growing, full of local amenities and entertainment options. Tri-Cities is also one of the fastest-growing young metropolitan areas in Washington. Every day you see new home construction, buzzing commercial districts, new restaurants, and a […]

Moving Tips for Military Families

Moving tips for military families. At Larsen Transfer, we understand the importance of a smooth and stress-free move for military families. Moving can be a stressful time for any family, but for young military families, who often have to move with more frequency than others, it can take an emotional toll. Veterans and those who […]