5 Moving Tips for Moving to a New City from Professional Movers

professional moving tips for moving to a new city

How to Move to a New City (Tips from Professional Movers) If you are situated at the beginning of the moving process, you are probably wondering how you will transport all of your stuff to your new residence in a new city. Two obvious options are choosing a DIY move or hiring a professional mover.  […]

Tips and Tricks for Safely Moving Glass Furniture

safely move glass furniture

Best Ways to Safely Move Glass Furniture Glass furniture does add elegance and style to your home décor. Glass also offers a sleek appearance to your interior design and it is nice to look at. But when moving time arrives, that is when having glass furniture requires a lot of thought and time to determine […]

7 Tips for Hiring Quality and Trustworthy Movers

7 Tips for Hiring Quality and Trustworthy Movers

Hiring Quality and Trustworthy Movers When you consider that close to 10 percent of all Americans move every year – 31 million people in the U.S. moved in 2019 alone – it is no wonder that many of us want to make sure everything goes right. We want trustworthy movers who will offer an affordable […]

Tips and Tricks for Moving to the Tri-Cities

international moving experts for moving to the tri cities

Moving to the Tri-Cities? Read these tips and tricks for moving to Eastern Washington! Are you planning to move to the Tri-Cities any time soon? While all moves come with a certain amount of stress and uncertainty, you can make it go smoother and easier by implementing some practical and simple moving tips. If you […]

Use a Storage Container for Your Next Move

pasco mobile storage unit larsen transfer

If you are planning to move soon, you might consider Larsen Transfer’s Storage Hero containers as having the potential for making your next relocation convenient and easy, and more affordable. Advantages of Storage Containers Cost Effective First and foremost, Storage Heros, or Portable On Demand Storage, are very cost-effective. Since you’ll already likely spending a […]

10 Essential Best Moving Hacks

moving hacks

At one time or another, all of us undergo a move. Whether it’s your first move to mark your independence from leaving home, or downsizing and moving into a smaller home, or moving your child into an apartment, moves are notoriously stressful and time-consuming. You’re left to juggle the organization of the move, arranging for […]

Partners With United Van Lines

united van lines larsen transfer

When you team up with Larsen Transfer for all your moving needs, you also enjoy the benefit of having the valuable services of United Van Lines right here in the Tri-Cities. Our relationship with United Van Lines offers you access to a wide array of extended services for relocation, logistics, and much more. Our partnership […]

Reasons You Should Consider a Mobile Storage Container

richland mobile storage unit larsen trasnfer

If you are a homeowner, are you planning to move or downsize? Perhaps you need to move your child into a dorm at college and you need some storage space for his winter clothes and some extra furniture. If you run a business, maybe you have more stuff than your warehouse can store. Are you […]

Moving Your Grad Out

grad moving tips for college

Your child is about to embark on one of their biggest adventures of a lifetime – moving out of the house and starting college. You’ve thought of everything associated with this milestone event that includes sending high school transcripts, visiting the college campus, arranging the move into the dormitory or apartment, buying school supplies and […]

The Only Moving Supplies List You’ll Ever Need

larsen transfer moving

Let’s face it, while you may be looking forward to getting to your new place of residence, the process of moving is filled with stress, at times frustration, and is a test of mental and physical endurance as you gather all the supplies needed to pull the move off as efficiently as possible while engaging […]