The Difference Between Mobile Storage Containers and Storage Units

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Mobile Storage Containers vs Storage Units There are many reasons why you might be needing to use a storage unit. It could be that you are embarking on a restoration or renovation project for your home. Perhaps you are preparing to move and you need to store big, bulky items such as furniture. You could […]

Use a Storage Container for Your Next Move

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If you are planning to move soon, you might consider Larsen Transfer’s Storage Hero containers as having the potential for making your next relocation convenient and easy, and more affordable. Advantages of Storage Containers Cost Effective First and foremost, Storage Heros, or Portable On Demand Storage, are very cost-effective. Since you’ll already likely spending a […]

Reasons You Should Consider a Mobile Storage Container

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If you are a homeowner, are you planning to move or downsize? Perhaps you need to move your child into a dorm at college and you need some storage space for his winter clothes and some extra furniture. If you run a business, maybe you have more stuff than your warehouse can store. Are you […]

Packing Fragile Valuable Items – Tips for Success

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Moving is already a stressful and even unnerving experience. Keeping track of all the finances and logistical aspects of relocating is enough to handle without having to worry about unexpected mishaps associated with moving your fragile possessions. You probably own various items that are fragile and warrant special methods of packing to keep them safe […]

The Pros of Using Storage Units

Since the 1970s, the average U.S. home has grown by 80 percent. Yet homeowners in this country face a “storage crisis,” according to UCLA researchers.  Storage units continue to increase in popularity as people find themselves moving from home to home as we are a much more mobile society now than 40-plus years ago. Another […]

The Importance of Records Storage

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The vast majority of business owners know that storing company data and confidential information in a safe and secure manner is an ongoing challenge. Then there are the all-too-common data breaches combined with physical storage limitations. Your business needs a way to store important data and records so that they are safe and easily retrieved. […]

Make Your Business More Manageable with Commercial Storage Solutions

Operating your business is all about choosing the right investments to give your company what it needs to be successful. One such investment could be a commercial storage unit.  As your business evolves and grows, so does your need for space.  Getting a bigger office isn’t necessarily adequate for the sheer amount of stuff that […]

How to Select the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

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Choosing the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs Maybe you’re planning to move and you need to store furniture.  Perhaps you are downsizing and you require storage to hold items you don’t have room for in your new, smaller home.  If you are looking to utilize a storage facility, be sure you know exactly what […]

The real cost of in-house records storage

We know the drill. Sometimes it’s better, more convenient, and cheaper to do things ourselves or as a business owner, bring all business operations in-house. Or is it? You’re good at what you do and when it comes down to it focusing your time on administrative or operational tasks is a surefire way to drain […]