Claim Information

It is imperative, that any and all damage to your items be noted during the delivery process. This will help in expediting any claim that may be filed. The steps for this process are as follows:
  • Locate the inventory tag number on the damaged item
  • Find that number on the descriptive inventory sheets
  • Make sure the number on the item matches the item on the descriptive inventory sheet
  • Bring it to the driver’s attention that you have found transit related damage
  • Shoe the damaged item to the driver. Point out the damage you are claiming
  • Note the damage on the descriptive inventory. The notations need to be entered in the far right column of the descriptive inventory (exceptions at destination, if any) Be sure that it is noted on the same line as the item that was damaged
  • Have the driver initial next to your notation. This shows that he was shown the damaged item and is aware of it.

Notations also need to be made for any boxes that have noticeable damage. (Crushed, hole in side, etc.)  Those boxes need to be opened and checked for damage in the presence of the driver. If any damage is found, steps 1 through 7 needs to be taken.

Any and all notations will be investigated when the formal claim has been filed. If it is found that it was pre-existing damage, the claim will be denied.

There are at times, instances, where minor damage may be overlooked during the delivery process. Those instances will be investigated and handled accordingly. But, this will not be the case when obvious damage was not noted at the time of delivery. These claims will be denied.

It is possible for there to be concealed damage in an undamaged box. These items need to be noted on the claim form.  You will want to take note of the box number for which the item was in. This will expedite your claim. Without this number, it is hard to prove that the item was in a box.

Again, this information is for your protection, so please take time to go through steps 1-7 if you find any damage.