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Additional Services


Do you need help moving items around your home or loading a U-Haul truck, mini-storage unit or moving container? Call Larsen Transfer today! Our courteous, and reliable moving experts can help you carry, lift and pack items in a secure way.
To pack for Larsen Transfer, all our packers must pass a background check, must be United Van Lines trained and qualified. Each packer has their own number showing proof of their qualifications. Call for a free estimate today at (509) 943-9139.

3rd Party Services and Crating
This service is for items that need special attention during moving. Items like your washer, dryer and ice maker need to be disconnected and reconnected by a 3rd party company prior to your move once you are ready to have your shipment delivered. If you have a grandfather clock, it will need to be serviced to be shipped properly. You might also have some fragile items that need to be crated like, glass, marble, slate, stain glass and/or animal heads during transit.
Freight Services

Do you have a shipment that is too small to go on our small shipment program? If it is less than 500 pounds, it may qualify to go freight. A good example is if you need to ship an oven someone purchased from you on Craigslist, or if you have a desk you want to send to a relative. Bring it to us and we’ll box it, protect for shipping and secure it to a pallet. Call a freight company of your choosing and they will pick it up from us and deliver it to your destination. We will need to know dimension, number of pieces and weight. Call Larsen Transfer for a complimentary estimate at (509) 943-9139.


DISHPACK 17X17X28 $5.00 $3.75 
1.5 BOOK BOX 16X13X13 $1.75 $1.25 
3.0 MEDIUM 18X18X16 $2.00 $1.50 
4.5 MEDIUM/LARGE 24X18X18 $2.50 $2.00 
6.0 LARGE 22X22X21 $3.25 $2.25 
Pole Lamp 14X14X40 $5.50 $3.00 
GUN BOX 12X4X55 $7.00 $3.00 
FILE BOX 15X12X10 $3.00 $1.25 
WARDROBE/SHORT 24X21X36 $10.00 $5.00 
WARDROBE/TALL 20X20X45 $12.00 $5.50 
MIRROR/4-WAY 40X4X60 $7.00 $4.00 
CRIB 27X6X50 $10.00 $4.00 
3X3 TWIN 39X8X75 $12.00  
4X6 DOUBLE 54X8X75 $15.00  
QUEEN 60X8X75 $18.00  
KING SPLIT (SET) 72X8X84 $24.00  
PILLOW TOP (SET) 72X12X84 $30.00  
BIKE/CRIB 67X12X40 $35.00  
15 CUBE 37X19X37 $30.00  
60 Cube “D” CONTAINER 58X41X45 $92.00  
PAPER (PER POUND)  $0.95  
PAPER 50 (POUND REAM)  $47.50  
PAPER PADS (EACH)  $2.50  
PAPER PADS (BUNDLE 25)  $62.50  
TISSUE PAPER (BUNDLE 500)  $28.00  
TAPE (55 YARDS PER ROLL)  $2.50  
SHRINK WRAP (18’ WIDE 1500’ LONG)  $25.00