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Conex Box Rental

Larsen Transfer Conex Boxes
Larsen Transfer Conex boxes
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Conex Boxes

Our Conex boxes are the perfect solution during restoration and renovation. 

Here at Larsen Transfer, we will deliver the Conex box right to you. Our onsite storage containers provide immediate and flexible solutions for a wide range of needs. They are placed curbside, or in the driveway for ultimate ease of access and convenience. 

Call Larsen Transfer today at (509) 943-9139.

Our Rates: (Before Taxes)

20-foot container: $155.00 per month at the location, $220.00 stored at Larsen Transfer

Summer Special!

  • 16’ containers $120/mo
  • 20’ containers $140/mo

Delivery fee w/in 20 mi $85

Delivery/Pick-Up /Move fees to the following:

  • 0-20 Miles: $90.00
  • Over 20 miles, call for rate

If we have to deliver onto anything other than blacktop or cement, we will charge extra depending on time and labor ($15-$50)

As we are also an agent for United, we have the capability to take care of all your moving and logistical needs. Trust Larsen Transfer – the industry leader – to make your next move happen seamlessly!

Conex Box Rentals

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • 1-month minimum, up to 1+ year(s)