Tri-Cities, WA Movers

Moving Helpful Suggestions

Top 8 helpful suggestions and tips to ensure a smooth move

    • Be available at each point throughout the move (Pack, load and delivery day).
    • DO NOT make any plans on pack and load days, like walk-through with landlords, realtors house showing, parties or turning over keys to new tenants.
    • Make sure to get all household goods and items out of the rafters, crawl spaces, basements, refrigerators, and freezers before load day.
    • Don’t forget to make special arrangements for the children and family pets during pack and load days.
    • Any highly combustible items (i.e. gas, propane, aerosols or ammunition) can’t be taken. Bleach and other liquids can be very hazardous to your shipment.
    • United Van Lines cannot transport perishable foods or live plants.
    • Please disconnect your computer and any other electronics yourself since you are more familiar with them.
    • You must detach fixtures and articles attached to your residence unless special arrangements are made.
  • Pack and Load Day Helpful Suggestions

    • Walk through the home with the lead packer or driver to identify what goes and what stays.
    • Fill in valuation section of the Bill of Lading.
    • If your shipment is going into storage and you have “early out” items, make sure the packers as well as the driver are aware of them and that those boxes are clearly marked “Early Out.”
    • Be sure every item has an inventory sticker and is listed on the inventory sheets prior to its removal from your home.
    • Complete the High Value Inventory form and present it to the lead packer on pack day.
    • Review all paperwork before signing – double check that the delivery address and phone numbers are listed and correct.
    • Walk through the home with the driver to confirm that all items to be moved are loaded on the van and anything that is to stay in the home remains in the home.
    • Keep all copies of paperwork with you, do not pack them away.
    • Make sure you have your order number with you. Any United agent can track your order with that number.

    Deliver Day Helpful Suggestions

    • For an easy delivery, have a plan for placement of your furniture.
    • Participate in the inventory check-off process – “Bingo Sheet.”
    • Note any missing or damaged items/cartons on the inventory sheets at destination.
    • Your signature at delivery indicates your agreement with the condition and receipt of all household goods tendered to us.
    • Understand and sign all required paperwork before moving.
    • Confirm all high value items were delivered as soon as the moving is completed.
    • Be sure to do a final walk-through of your residence with the driver to check for property damage and make sure anything that was taken apart at origin was put back together at destination. IE: beds all are put back together, tables etc.
    • If you have an extra stop at destination, make sure everything is delivered to the proper places.

    United Van Lines cannot be held responsible for items left at residence after loading. It is your responsibility to make sure nothing is left behind. Please make sure to check closets, cabinets, showers, attics, neighbor’s residence, basements and outside areas before signing documentation. The Tariff states “carrier may without discrimination between shippers, refuse to accept for transportation: bank bills, coin or currency, deeds, notes, drafts or valuable papers or any kind, jewelry, postage or revenue stamps, stamp collections, precious metals or articles manufactured therefrom.”  Therefore, in order for the mover to assume responsibility, these items must be tendered to us prior to loading.  A receipt will be given to you. Also, any property damage to residence at origin or destination must be so noted at time of loading or delivery.

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