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Are you ready to order your storage container but aren’t sure about the logistics of having one on your property? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Today, we are sharing with you the five essential aspects of storage container preparation so you can properly set up your property for your Storage Hero rental. 

5 Aspects of Storage Container Preparation

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When preparing your property for a Storage Hero, there are five aspects to consider. All five must be achieved; if even one doesn’t work, a new space must be determined. Let’s dive into the five aspects of storage container preparation you can’t miss. 

#1: Find Out If It Is Legal to Have

Before ordering your Storage Hero, you must first ensure that you can legally have the storage container on your property. Check with your local zoning laws to determine if you need a special permit to have the container. Each area has different requirements, and some permits may depend on how you plan to use the container. 

Then, make sure to check with any homeowner’s association (HOA) for any neighborhood rules or regulations that you must adhere to. It is always better to investigate in advance than to get dinged with a fine. 

#2: Determine Where the Storage Hero Will Sit

The second step in storage container preparation is determining where the Storage Hero will be set and if it can be reasonably reached. As a note, on average, a storage container needs about 75 feet of straight clearance with a minimum width of 12 feet and 20 feet of overhead clearance to be delivered. Don’t forget that this also means that the delivery truck needs a spacious path for delivery. 

For placement, you need a space large enough to accommodate your chosen container, whether a 16-ft or 20-ft Storage Hero. The space must also be flat, open, and level to ensure the container remains balanced. You have two main options for this: short-term storage or long-term storage.

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Your first option for short-term storage is if you plan on moving your container frequently, such as not letting it stay in any one location for more than 30 days. If that is the case, you can place your Storage Hero anywhere, such as in a parking lot, curbside, driveway, concrete slab, or even bare earth. However, we want to note that if you place it on bare earth, the soil must be compact and have no more than a 2% grade. These requirements ensure that the container remains level at all times, as an unbalanced container can become dangerous. 

Your second option is for longer-term storage, such as 30 days or more. If this is the case, we highly recommend placing your Storage Hero on a strong surface, such as a parking lot, concrete slab, or even a driveway. This ensures that the earth doesn’t shift under the container but remains level. However, if bare earth is the only option for placement, some site preparation will likely be required, and you will need to check that your container remains level diligently every month. 

#3: Setting up Electrical Hookups

Storage containers are essentially mini-rooms that can be electrically connected. Behind the walls of the container is a network of wires that allows users to power lighting or heating and cooling. However, to access this, you need a source. 

The third aspect of your storage container preparation is setting up your electrical hookups. It is absolutely required to have a licensed electrician perform these tasks. However, you can do a few things before they get there to ensure proper setup. 

First, confirm that the location where you are placing your Storage Hero will have access to electricity, whether this is a permanent installation or a temporary hookup. 

Second, check with your local authority to see if you need any special permits to connect your container to electricity. Depending on your jurisdiction and power provider, you may be required to have a permit or inspection before hooking up. 

Lastly, ensure that your property’s power system will be compatible with your container. For questions on this, please feel free to contact us with your questions!

#4: Preparing Plumbing Setups

If you need access to plumbing, that is the fourth aspect of storage container preparation that needs to happen well in advance. Like with your electrical hook up, you must hire a licensed plumber for set up to ensure safety and compliance.

First, consider what you need, such as sinks, faucets, showers, toilets, and washing machines. Will you need both hot and cold water? Do you need access to a sewer line?

Second, we are back to permits. Again, check with your local jurisdiction to identify any legal requirements before doing anything. Of course, it is always wise to check with your local HOA if you have one.

Then, you will need to check water and sewer line availability. Your Storage Hero will need to be placed next to your access points and then you can have your expert plumber arrive for hook up. 

#5: Communicating Delivery Logistics

Larsen Transfer - your local storage hero provider

If all four of the above aspects have been met successfully, you can move on to the final communication and delivery logistics. This is your time to map out your delivery timeline and budget. We recommend taking note of how quickly your Storage Hero can be delivered, what it costs for a monthly rental, and what the delivery fee is. 

For example, at Larsen Transfer, our rates for 2024 for a 16-foot container are $130 per month at the location or $155 per month for a 20-foot container. For delivery, we offer a flat fee of $90 for anything 20 miles or under. Additionally, suppose we have to deliver onto anything other than blacktop or cement. In that case, we will charge extra depending on time and labor ($15-$50) to set up the space properly for safety compliance. 

Larsen Transfer – Your Local Storage Hero Provider

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