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Moving to the Tri-Cities? Read these tips and tricks for moving to Eastern Washington!

Are you planning to move to the Tri-Cities any time soon? While all moves come with a certain amount of stress and uncertainty, you can make it go smoother and easier by implementing some practical and simple moving tips.

If you are thinking about moving, you are not alone. In order to be ready, here are some practical and useful moving tips that should help to decrease your anxiety about the upcoming relocation.

10 Tips for Moving to the Tri-Cities

Use Dust-Resistant Packing Material

If you are intending to move specifically to the Tri-Cities, you might want to consider using dust-resistant packing paper that will help keep your personal belongings clean and untarnished during and after the move. You will find that this comes in handy when you are moving to a dry, desert climate like the Tri-Cities.

Certain items should be packed in specific size boxes to make the move to the Tri-Cities easier and smoother. For example, pack your books with other heavy items in smaller boxes so they don’t shuffle or move in transit.

When it comes to larger items that are lighter, such as pillows and linens, pack them in bigger boxes to allow for some cushion. You will find that professional movers can become frustrated when heavy items are placed in larger boxes. It makes the move much more difficult and challenging than it has to be. There is also a greater possibility of items breaking when you pack small, heavy items in big boxes.

Create a Moving Folder
As you set out to prepare for your move, begin gathering new rental or purchasing papers, new addresses, moving contracts, and other relevant documents and place them all in one folder. We suggest a hard copy or published version of these documents as opposed to a digital one in the event there are technological mishaps or the battery in your digital device dies during the move.

By having this folder that contains all your important moving documents, you can quickly and easily refer to this information – such as payments and records of agreements – at all times during the moving process.

Schedule Moving Services Early
It is helpful to book all moving related services as early as possible to prevent delays that could cause complications for the moving process. For instance, you will want to rent supplies, hire moving services, or hire professionals like cleaners and painters, as soon as you can. If you don’t, you take a chance on paying higher prices or not being able to secure the critical services that you need to make your move to the Tri-Cities successful.

You should especially take these actions early in the moving process if you are relocating during the peak moving season – which is May through September.

Bring Essential Items with You During Move
Another helpful tip for your move to the Tri-Cities is bringing all important items with you that you will need to access quickly and frequently, instead of keeping them in boxes or suitcases. This would include personal hygiene items, a change of clothes, your kids’ favorite toys, your medications and moving documents.

Keep these personal items in a duffle bag that you will have alongside you in the drive to your new residence.

You should always be prepared for the unexpected, such as stuff getting lost in the moving truck during transit. If the worst happens with the moving van, at least you will have your important, day-to-day items with you and readily available.

Arrange for Utilities at Your New Residence
Following this moving tip will enable you to avoid not having all of your important utility services up and running when you move into your new residence. After you have your move-in date set, be sure to contact your utility providers so they can schedule service in time for your arrival at your new home, condominium or apartment.

The last thing you want to have occured is arriving at your new home, and finding that your heating or air conditioning is not functioning because you didn’t schedule these vital services. These important services would also include the water heater and water.

Similarly, make sure to arrange for service stops at your current residence for your move-out date.

Also, maintain records of these utility services in that handy folder with all your other important moving documents.

Keep Your Clothes on Hangers During Move
In order to make it simple and easy to move your clothes, keep them on their hangers, gather bundles together and rubber band the tops of the hanger sets. Next, place the bundle in a big kitchen garbage bag so you protect your clothes. Tie it up in a knot at the top, and have them hang in your closet up until moving day.

During your move to the Tri-Cities, stack these hangers up flat. You can also use a tension shower curtain rod in the back seat of your car to hang them up.

Rely Heavily on Bubble Wrap
Another practical tip for your move to the Tri-Cities is to use plenty of bubble wrap so you adequately protect your fragile personal items like jewelry and antiques. You’ll also want to pack other delicate things such as fine china, crystal glassware, and china figurines in bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is ideal for moving valuable personal belongings because it provides an extreme degree of protection, and it is shock absorbing and abrasion resistant. It is also very flexible and lightweight.

Use Extra Blankets as Cushion for Furniture
As you prepare to pack your furniture for your Tri-Cities move, keep in mind that blankets, and plenty of them, are very helpful to prevent damage to your furniture. It is worth it to pay for enough blankets to ensure the safe delivery of your furniture. It will cost much more to replace furniture that has been damaged.

Ask for Special Crating for Expensive Art
You will want to be very clear and precise with your professional movers when it comes to how you want to pack your artwork. For example, you don’t want to wrap oil paintings in regular paper, as it will stick. Also, during the packing process for moving your pictures, mark an X with masking tape across the glass to make it more stable and hold it together if it happens to shatter. Then be sure to wrap your pictures in paper or bubble wrap and put them in a frame box, and then place some cardboard between each framed piece for added protection.

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