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At one time or another, all of us undergo a move. Whether it’s your first move to mark your independence from leaving home, or downsizing and moving into a smaller home, or moving your child into an apartment, moves are notoriously stressful and time-consuming. You’re left to juggle the organization of the move, arranging for utilities from your old dwelling to a new one, and making sure you don’t forget anything. Moving is as much a mental strain as it is a physical one.

However, take heart. There are moving hacks that we will present in this blog article that is designed to make your next move easier and much less stressful. There are ways to have your move proceed much smoother than it otherwise would and considerably faster while reducing some of your “to-do tasks” to make it a more streamlined process.

The following tips might even make your move borderline fun, or at least manageable.

Establish a Moving Budget

We all know that moving typically is quite expensive. You’d like your move to cost less than the down payment on a new home. In order to tabulate your upcoming moving costs, we suggest you utilize any online moving cost calculators to determine how much you will need to spend for your move. Another easy way to find out how much your move will cost is to organize each phase of your move: determining how much packing supplies will run, factor in the cost of tools like tape, labels, and other moving supplies. Also, consider the costs associated with a rented moving truck or utilizing the services of a moving company as you search for the best deals available.

Make Arrangements with Utility Companies for Your Next Home

Be sure to contact the utility companies and let them know where you are moving to. This is one of the first tasks to take on early in the moving process.

Plan for Packing Supplies

Determine what type of packing supplies you will need for the move. This would include boxes of varying sizes, special packing tape, colorful markers, bubble wrap, plenty of box labels to ensure your possessions make it to the right rooms, etc.

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Dispose of as Much Stuff as You Can

One way to make the move less overwhelming is to purge stuff that you simply don’t wear, need, or use anymore. Go through your closets and get rid of clothing that you no longer have any use for, including apparel that you don’t wear or that is out of style.

Dispose of items that no longer serve a purpose. Whether it is cookery that is worn or not useful anymore, Tupperware that has seen better days, or knick-knacks or decorative items that won’t fit in with the motif at your new home, get rid of these excess items to leave more space for the more important stuff.

Plan on donating certain items to charitable organizations. Items such as old furniture, tables, and toys might be ideally suitable for donating. That potentially will clear a lot of space for other personal belongings when it comes to packing. Look for charities that are located in your community and get started before you begin packing so you can accurately gauge how much stuff you will actually need to bring with you during the move.

Another option for unloading some stuff for the upcoming move is temporary storage. Short-term storage is the perfect solution for making the packing load lighter and less complicated. Then you can determine later if you still even need those items that are waiting for you in storage.

Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Do some comparison shopping when it comes to finding the right moving company for your move. Consider what size of a truck you will need, the miles of distance required to your new residence, and search for any moving company discounts that might be available.

Aside from moving companies, you could also think about using pods or maybe opt for a do- it-yourself move if it is a short distance to your new dwelling. Maybe you could enlist the assistance of friends for manual labor as a means of trimming your moving costs.

One easy way to cut some of the expenses from your move is to go on a hunt for free packing supplies. There are some stores that provide free boxes, for example. You could also try swap meets or liquor stores to find free or low-cost packing supplies. Maybe you have packing supplies from your last move.

You could also try using linens, sheets, and towels to pack items, especially delicate or fragile possessions. These linens, sheets, and towels are perfectly suited to adequately cushion your belongings that need extra protection while forgoing the cost of purchasing bubble wrap.

You could potentially save quite a bit of money when it comes to choosing what time of year to move. For example, moving companies typically charge more to move your stuff during the peak season – May through August. That is the busiest time of year for moving companies. So, if you can plan your move for outside of these months, you could enjoy some major savings.

Hold a garage sale to sell items that you don’t have much use for while generating some money that you could apply toward the move. This gives you a perfect opportunity to part with stuff you no longer need so you do not incur the cost of moving these unnecessary items.

Label Moving Boxes & Be Specific

Be sure to accurately label each of your moving boxes so there is no confusion as to what is inside those boxes. Include writing on the boxes the room they are destined for and be as specific as possible in the labeling when it comes to the content in the boxes.

Be especially thorough with labeling boxes that you will want to open right away at your new residence. That way you will know exactly what goes where. You might also affix labels to two sides of the box so you can quickly and easily discover what is in the box.

You also might want to take the extra step of using initials for the box labels that only you know what they mean for valuables that you pack, such as jewelry and other items of considerable value.

Use Hangers for Filling Space in Boxes

The usefulness of hangers isn’t limited to hanging clothes. Hangers actually come in quite handy to fill boxes when you have loose areas. For example, you can use hangers to fill in empty space, which provides extra support for your boxes so they are more structurally sound.

Put Cleaning Supplies in a Separate Box

Before you immerse yourself in the packing process, make sure to place all your cleaning supplies into their own box. Chances are you will need to do some heavy-duty cleaning in your home or apartment before leaving for your new residence. Having your cleaning items in one place that is easy to access makes the cleaning process easier and more efficient.

Use Sticky Notes to Quickly & Easily Label Boxes & Doors

Make identifying boxes a simple endeavor by adhering to the same color sticky notes on the boxes as their corresponding rooms. For instance, place a green sticky note on the bathroom door and the boxes that contain items destined for the bathroom will likewise have the same green sticky notes on them.

By doing this, you will speed up considerably the process of placing boxes in the appropriate rooms in your new dwelling. Anyone helping with your move will greatly appreciate this, as well.

Fill Suitcases with Your Stuff

Since you are bringing your suitcases along with you during the move, why not utilize them practically by perhaps putting stuff in there you might need right away when you arrive at your new residence.

Suitcases often have wheels on them, which makes for easy transporting during a move. They are also durable, which means they will hold up well during the rough and tumble of a move.

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