Reasons You Should Consider a Mobile Storage Container

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If you are a homeowner, are you planning to move or downsize? Perhaps you need to move your child into a dorm at college and you need some storage space for his winter clothes and some extra furniture.

If you run a business, maybe you have more stuff than your warehouse can store. Are you wanting to find an easy way to keep your equipment secure on a job site or at an equipment yard?

Mobile storage containers can serve as the perfect solution for any type of move, downsizing, relocation of your business inventory, or storing retail goods for your business. Use a mobile storage container when you want to declutter your home so it appears clean and spacious during the staging of your house. Mobile storage containers can be a cost-effective solution for a business that wants to avoid purchasing extra warehouse space or for businesses that need to ship goods overseas.

What Are Mobile Storage Containers?

Mobile storage containers are large, portable metal units that are delivered to your home or business. You have the convenience of being able to load them yourself or have movers load them for you. They can be stored on your property, delivered to your new residential or business address anywhere in the country, or transported to a special warehouse or storage facility.

They are weatherproof and durable, designed to be stacked for long-term storage and they can double as moving containers.

Portable storage containers come in an array of sizes. For example, 16-foot units can store belongings from two or three rooms while 20-foot containers are able to hold items from four to five bedrooms.

Top 6 Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers

• Convenience

The primary advantage of mobile storage containers is the ultimate convenience they provide. You can forego using a storage site, and instead, mobile storage containers can be brought right to your home or business, or any desired location.

If you are moving, this is ideal because you can directly pack into your container instead of contending with daily truck rental fees. As a result, you save time and money. You experience another level of convenience with storage containers as you know how much you can store in the unit without being concerned whether you’ve packed too much or not enough.

• Good Protection

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are stored in a clean, high-security mobile storage container. In fact, mobile storage containers provide the same protection as traditional self-storage units.

• Cost-Effective

Mobile storage containers are considered a very cost-effective way for residents and businesses owners to store and transport their goods and belongings for a long stretch of time. This is a much less expensive option than building extra warehouse space or hiring a fixed unit.

By choosing mobile storage containers for your storage needs, you also can forego the moving truck fees. You just pay for the storage. This enables the budget-conscious homeowner or business owner to afford adding this flexible, cost-effective form of storage to their moving project.

You save additional money with mobile storage containers because they are scalable, so you can start with a few containers and expand if necessary. You have the flexibility of purchasing or leasing your containers, making them a very affordable option.

• Ultimate Mobility

Perhaps you have multiple locations for your business that has fluctuating extra storage needs. As a homeowner, you could have more than one residence you quickly need to unload furniture from as you prepare for a more complicated relocation.

Mobile storage containers allow you to take your units anywhere you need the storage space. These portable containers offer the ideal amount of mobility for your most challenging storage needs.

• Prevents Damage

Our mobile storage containers are composed of high-quality steel that makes them highly durable, so your possessions don’t ever get damaged if load shifts occur. These containers also allow you to pack securely, which minimizes load shifting and prevents damage from occurring during transport.

Because they are also weatherproof, you don’t have to worry about extreme rain, harsh winds, or humidity impacting your personal belongings.

• Versatility

Our mobile storage containers are available in different sizes and can cater to your storage needs in multiple locations and for different purposes.

For example, as you begin to downsize, you can have a temporary place to keep large items and some furniture as you determine what will stay in your home and what you will part with. You have the flexibility to select a smaller container if you need minimal space for storage, saving you money.

If you are preparing to showcase discounted items for a big sale at your retail store and you need to store some merchandise because you don’t have enough inventory space, you can use a mobile storage unit to store the extra items you’ll need later.

Larsen Transfer Offers One-of-a-Kind Mobile Storage Solution

Our mobile storage containers are perfect for the DIY move. You can take your time and do it at your own pace. Our storage containers are also the perfect solution during restoration and renovation. Damage from fire, flood, or other natural disasters can wreak havoc on furniture, and other valuable household items.

Keep your valuables safe while the restoration professionals do their job. Our portable Storage Hero mobile storage containers are also perfect for when you’re selling your home and you need a space to de-clutter.

Here at Larsen Transfer, we deliver mobile storage solutions right to your curbside. Our onsite storage containers provide immediate and flexible solutions for a wide range of needs. They are placed curbside, or on the sidewalk for ultimate access and convenience.

As we are also an agent for United, we have the capability to take care of all your moving and logistical needs.  Trust Larsen Transfer – the industry leader – to make your next move happen seamlessly! 


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