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Your child is about to embark on one of their biggest adventures of a lifetime – moving out of the house and starting college. You’ve thought of everything associated with this milestone event that includes sending high school transcripts, visiting the college campus, arranging the move into the dormitory or apartment, buying school supplies and luggage, etc.  

Now, all that is left is the move. What is the best way to pack? What packing materials should you use? How should you organize for the move? How can you maximize packing space? 

In this blog, we will offer practical and relevant tips for earning high marks on your college move. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of what to do, how to pack, and we’ll include techniques for making this momentous move smooth and easy.  

tips for moving your graduate

Tips for Successfully Moving Out Your Grad 

Make a Moving List

Your college move should begin with a list. Take an inventory by making a list of your most important items. Next, put together a to-do calendar that contains your most essential moving tasks. This calendar should contain reservations, notifying relevant parties, and,  most important, creating a day-by-day packing schedule.  

Donate Unwanted & Unneeded Items 

If you need to downsize, donating your discarded items is one of the easiest ways to do so.  You’ll find downsizing to come in very handy instead of later being faced with the tough decision of what to part with because you know you can’t fit everything into limited packing space. Plus, you have the satisfying feeling of knowing that your stuff is going to a good cause.  

When it comes to packing for an ambitious college move, less is definitely more.  Secure Boxes and Label Them Clearly 

The foundation of any move is having plenty of the right size moving boxes. Whether they are cardboard or plastic, boxes are your ticket to enjoying an organized move, as you pack the appropriate items in each box. Ideally, you will want to have boxes that are easily stackable.  

After acquiring the correct sized boxes, be sure to have thick colorful markers available to clearly label each box. There is nothing that makes a move easier than legibly labeled boxes so when you arrive at your college dormitory, you can quickly retrieve your most essential personal belongings as you begin unpacking.  

Use Storage Bins 

Keep in mind that it is much easier to pack a car or truck with regularly shaped objects,  whether they are boxes or large plastic bins. Plus, plastic storage bins tend to be larger than cardboard boxes, and that’s great if you have a large number of items to pack.

Conversely, trash bags and grocery bags are bulky and awkward for packing. You also don’t know how much stuff you can get into trash bags or grocery bags until you’re nearly done cramming all you can into them.  

Boxes and bins are also easier to carry up multiple flights of crowded dorm stairs or up typically tall outdoor apartment complex stairs.  

Pack Seasonal and Casual 

Casual wear is the most practical choice when it comes to fashions required for most occasions while at college during the fall semester. Unless your son or daughter is pledging a  fraternity or sorority, he or she will likely fare well during this time with casual apparel.  Once more, casual clothes are easy to pack.  

As the weather is probably quite warm heading into the new school year in early fall, save packing space by bringing mostly lighter clothes for the warmer weather. You can always send your child off with clothes for colder weather later during the semester break.  

Pack a Day-of Bag 

A day-of bag will come in very handy when you want quick and easy access to your most important belongings. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently pack your grooming items or your favorite snacks that you want to take with you to your new college digs.  

Your day-of-bag is the perfect place to bring the essential items that will help you pass the time while you’re in transit, such as snacks, reading materials, your smartphone, important papers or documents related to your college registration, etc. 

Consider Self Storage 

Utilizing self-storage is especially smart if you aren’t sure how much space you will have in your college dormitory or your apartment. Having self-storage will come in handy with respect to larger personal items that might not make it to your first tier of most important stuff to bring to college, but that you might need later.  

You will find self-storage the perfect option for when you are living overseas for a semester or even during semester or quarter breaks.  

Gather Information on Your College Residence 

Even before you begin packing, find out the amount of living space, storage areas, closet space and other specifics about the dorm you will be moving to, or the apartment, as well.  This information will help you accurately pack the appropriate personal belongings and miscellaneous items that will fit comfortably into your new digs.  

Also inquire about whether your dorm or apartment will be furnished, or have any furniture.  Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pack accordingly.  

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