Thinking of a DIY Move?

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All of us want a stress-free move and that typically includes spending as little as possible. Moving can represent an exciting milestone in our lives, giving us the chance to set a new path in our destination and live life on new terms. The best way to take advantage of this momentous transition is to be as organized and ready to anticipate all possible contingencies. However, DIY moves can also me more stressful than hiring a professional.

But if you are intending to pull of a relocation on your own, be aware that moving on your own comes with potential risks and expenses that could outweigh the cost of hiring professional movers. Knowing this, you might want to seriously consider hiring a professional moving company. Professional moving services can help you accomplish a smooth transition so you can shift your energies toward making the most of your brand-new start. 

Moving is comprised of myriad decisions that need to be made on a tight schedule. For example, moving dates and packing schedules must be planned, personal belongings and items need to be organized, packed, sold, or donated. You also need to put together real estate plans. Then there’s the physical task of moving your belongings. 

When you hire a professional moving company, you gain the advantages of enjoying a burden-free, no-stress experience they offer. You also have the peace of mind of knowing your moving endeavor will stay on schedule and be in good hands. 

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Moving Company

Consider that when you move personal items such as furniture, appliances, and other huge, heavy, and awkwardly shaped objects, you need to employ the use of dollies, lifts, and custom crates and other equipment. All of this varied equipment is required to get the moving project done right, and without injuring yourself or others. 

Consider these factors that might persuade you to hire professional movers for your next personal or business relocation endeavor. 

Professional Movers & Packers Save You Money

Although you could save some money upfront with a DIY move, the long-term costs of doing the entire move on your own will probably exceed the cost of a professional mover. 

Most of us tend to underestimate the intrinsic, and non-monetary costs of a typical move. You need to not only calculate the move in dollars and cents, but also in time. Time is a finite resource, and the opportunity cost of a DIY move can become very expensive, very fast. Here are just some of the inherent costs of a DIY move: 

Your Personal Time:  If you are not acquainted with the proper packing and loading techniques, you will consume a lot of time for a DIY move. You also might not have the appropriate equipment necessary to complete the moving task efficiently and effectively. If you don’t have the correct equipment to move large or awkwardly sized items, you will sacrifice more of your personal time, and risk injuries in the process. 

Packing Supplies:  Another key consideration is knowing what moving supplies that will be required to move your personal belongings. You need to figure out the number of boxes, rolls of moving tape, and rolls of bubble wrap you will need to effectively pack your personal items. You need to find a supply store that will satisfy all of these packing equipment needs and hope that these many purchases stay within your moving budget. You run the real risk of incorrectly calculating these moving costs, and then you could be overbudget. You also need to include the potential high fuel cost involved with a move, especially if you are relocating to a house far away. 

Fuel:  When you rent a DIY moving truck, you need to factor in the cost associated with fuel, and that can add up fast if you are making multiple, back-and-forth trips. Then there is the prospect of reimbursing the fuel costs for friends and family who assist with the move. Fuel costs can soar based on the time of year and the location of your new destination. 

Time-saving Options:  We all know our personal time is valuable. So when you are working amidst a flurry of tasks and within tight timelines, your life can quickly get consumed with the move. During something as important and life-changing as a move, you would prefer to focus on getting your family prepared for new schools, settling into a potential new job, and saying goodbye to neighbors and friends. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with worrying about packing and moving logistics and other tedious aspects of the move. With a professional moving company, you can take solace knowing that your move date is scheduled and supported by movers who will be reliable and handle all of the last-minute details that inevitably come up in a move. 

Cost:  A DIY move might initially seem more affordable than hiring a professional moving company. But, in reality, enlisting the aid of professional movers will save you money in the long term. When it comes to everything associated with a move such as renting a moving van to damaging your furniture because you don’t have the proper equipment, there are many unexpected contingences that can lead to soaring moving costs in a DIY move. 

Accountability:  Professional movers provide and come equipped with comprehensive insurance policies that take care of all liability issues that could come up. You have options to determine the extent of your moving coverage. A professional moving company prides itself on its reputation, which means they will do everything possible to execute a flawless move for you.  You also have the peace of mind of knowing that if unexpected problems happen, your professional moving company will be responsible to cover all or any damages that might occur. 

Safe Driving:  Think about the magnitude of the driving involved in a move, especially a long-distance move. The moving process becomes much safer with drivers who are acquainted with the roads and the trucks. Consider how prepared or unprepared you might be to drive a 15-foot or 25-foot truck, locally or long-distance. When you give this enormous responsibility to a professional moving company, you can ride in the personal comfort of your own vehicle or take an airplane. 

Let Larsen Transfer Take Care of All Your Moving and Storage Needs

Are you about to move? Perhaps you don’t know where to turn when it comes to a company that can get you from your old home to your new residence, and in a timely, safe, and efficient manner. 

Larsen Transfer is a premier family-owned moving and storage business in the Tri-Cities, WA. Whether you are moving locally, within the states of Washington or Oregon, across the country, or even internationally, we can help you get there!

As we are also an agent for United, we have the capability to take care of all your moving and logistical needs.  Trust Larsen Transfer – the industry leader – to make your next move happen seamlessly and flawlessly! 


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