Packing Fragile Valuable Items – Tips for Success

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Moving is already a stressful and even unnerving experience. Keeping track of all the finances and logistical aspects of relocating is enough to handle without having to worry about unexpected mishaps associated with moving your fragile possessions.

You probably own various items that are fragile and warrant special methods of packing to keep them safe and intact. That is why it is important to pack your valuable, fragile belongings carefully. If you intend to ship items to your new residence, packing these delicate personal belongings is even more imperative. Keep in mind that you have little control over how boxes are handled. 

We recommend you take the necessarily time to analyze and assess the risks associated with packing your fragile possessions and take precautions to ensure everything arrives at your home in one piece. 

Here are some helpful recommendations for how best to pack and ship your delicate personal belongings. 

Tips for Success for Packing Your Delicate Possessions

Prepare Before Packing 

Prior to packing, determine what delicate items you own and come up with a strategy for how you can pack these possessions. With adequate preparation, you can protect your fragile items and ensure they arrive safe and sound at your new home. 

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Use a Variety of Box Sizes

In order to protect your treasured items, you should obtain a variety of boxes that vary in size. Consider packing heavier items into smaller boxes and putting lighter items in bigger boxes, with the bigger boxes on top. Having diverse size boxes enables you to manage your space more ideally while you transport boxes in vehicles to your new home. 

Protect Items with Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap

Get ahold of as much packing materials before moving as you can.  Packing paper is an obvious choice for wrapping your cherished, fragile possessions. Use packing paper liberally as a shock-absorbing layer filling up empty space inside your boxes. 

Adding a second layer of protection with bubble wrap is also helpful. Bubble wrap also adds more insulation to safeguard your goods during transport. 

Wrap Cardboard Around Specialty Items 

When it comes to large, oddly-shaped belongings, it could be challenging to find the right size boxes for transporting them. You might need to “think outside the box” when it comes to packing these obscurely-shaped items. 

We suggest you wrap these fragile items until they are completely protected, ensuring the ends are covered thoroughly. Then put the item on pliable cardboard and bend the cardboard until its ends meet. You could also place additional pieces of cardboard on top of the item, as you bend the cardboard until your delicate object is secure. 

Then, tape liberally, even wrapping the entire item with tape if you have to. 

Pack Plates Vertically

After covering your delicate items completely in bubble wrap, secured with tape, we suggest you store them in a box vertically to reduce the surface area. Put crumbled packing paper beneath, between and on top of all your plates. It is important to limit the amount of shaking that happens during transport by packing plates securely in place. 

Secure Electronics 

Because your delicate electronic items contain extremely important data and files, you should secure them well by packing them in their original boxes, if possible. Take pictures of how your electronic devices are before you move so you know how to set everything up at your new home. 

7 Practical Tips for Packing Electronics

  • Remove batteries from your electronic devices before packing them. When batteries overheat, they can leak potassium hydroxide, a caustic substance that could eat through your electronics. 
  • Eject DVDs, CDs, and other media before packing to protect them from being damaged in the move. 
  • Remove toner and printer cartridges from printers before packing. 
  • Remove all cables and other items from electronics before packing. 
  • Wrap larger electronics in bubble wrap and secure them with sturdy tape. 
  • Avoid using newspaper to protect screens as it can scratch screens. 
  • Place bubble wrap around the outside and in between items to prevent excessive movement during transport. 

How to Pack Glassware

We all know that glassware can be oddly shaped, making it more challenging to pack glass and glass items. 

Here is how you can safely pack your glassware properly:

Measure and Cut Pliable Cardboard: Put a piece of glassware on a sheet of pliable, durable cardboard. Double the size of the object and allow for about 2 to 3 inches around the perimeter, then roll up the object inside the cardboard. Mark the right size with a marker and cut the cardboard to size. 

Apply Bubble Wrap:  Cut bubble wrap to size and put it bubble side down against the glass item. Wrap the object and secure the bubble wrap with sturdy tape. 

Wrap in Cardboard:  Put the glass item at one end of your pre-cut piece of cardboard. Then, roll the object tightly inside the cardboard and secure the entire package with packing tape. 

Label Boxes:  Make sure you clearly label these glassware items “FRAGILE” and ask your professional mover to use extra caution with these boxes. 

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