What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers?

benefits of having a mobile storage unit

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers?

With our fast-paced lifestyles and busy schedules, we count on mobility to serve our needs in a variety of ways.  We use our smart phones to access the internet so we can purchase products or services on the fly. 

It is no different when it comes to moving. Mobile storage containers give you the ultimate flexibility for storing your personal belongings quickly and easily while you are doing home renovations or moving to a new house. 

Portable storage units will come in various sizes to suit your exact needs based on how much storage space you require. Your mobile storage company will take your belongings and furniture to a secure facility for as long as you need it. You get them returned to you promptly whenever you want them back. 

Mobile storage is the perfect solution if you are planning on doing a home renovation. Instead of cramming big furniture into a small extra bedroom, you can use a mobile storage container to keep these items in during your home improvement project. 

For businesses that may need more storage, mobile storage offers the flexibility of space, so you don’t have to lease an extra office or clutter your workspace. 

There are many benefits of mobile storage containers. This blog space will list the main advantages of mobile storage units and explain how they can make your move easier and give you peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings will be well taken care of. 

5 Benefits of Mobile Storage Containers


Mobile storage units give you the convenience of being able to pack your personal belongings and retrieve them once you have arrived at your new home. You can forego using a storage site and instead enjoy the convenience of mobile storage containers being brought to your home, or any desired location. 

There is the added convenience of not having to contend with daily truck rental fees. This means you save time and money. You are able to know how much you can store in the mobile storage container without worrying about whether you’ve packed too much or not enough. 

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Mobile storage containers are a cost-effective way for homeowners and business owners to store or transport their belongings and goods for a long period of time. This is much less costly than building extra warehouse space or hiring a fixed unit. Portable storage units are also much less expensive than building a storage shed, outbuilding, or having a
prefabricated structure erected on your property. 

By opting for mobile storage units, you avoid having to pay moving truck fees. You only pay for the storage. So, as a budget-conscious homeowner or business owner, you are able to afford this flexible, cost-effective method of storage. 

You save more money with mobile storage containers because they are scalable. This means you can start with a couple of containers and expand if you need to. You enjoy the flexibility of buying or leasing containers, which makes them a very affordable choice. 

 Prevents Damage

Another benefit of mobile storage containers is that they’re typically made of high-quality steel that is durable. As a result, your possessions won’t be damaged if load shifts occur. 

Portable storage containers also enable you to pack securely, and that minimizes load shifting and prevents damage from happening during transport. 

You also don’t need to be concerned with harsh winds, humidity, or extreme rain affecting your personal belongings because these mobile storage units are weatherproof. 


One significant advantage of mobile storage containers is that they’re available in a wide array of sizes based on your storage needs. You can find these units in multiple locations and for various purposes. 

Let’s say you want to downsize. You have a temporary place to store large items and furniture as you figure out what stays in your home and what you will get rid of. This level of versatility allows you to choose a smaller container if you want minimal space for storage, which saves you considerable money. 

If you are a business owner, you have a safe place to store your products. For example, if you are holding a sale but you don’t have sufficient inventory space, you can use a mobile storage container to stock up the extra merchandise you will need. 

A portable storage unit is also ideal for industries such as construction crews or landscaping where you have to store equipment and keep it for later use. 

Want more versatility?  You can customize a mobile storage container to fit your personal or business needs. For instance, if you are concerned about the temperature of your storage unit, just add insulation to protect your personal belongings from the elements. 

High Level of Security

You can count on your mobile storage containers to be surveilled on a 24/7 basis, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings will be safe and not stolen. These portable storage containers are normally composed of high-quality steel that is strong and durable enough to prevent the theft of your personal belongings.  

Business owners can rest assured that their valuable equipment will not be stolen from their worksite, company, or equipment yard because mobile storage containers are secured with a padlock. 

You enjoy an additional level of security as you are the only person who is authorized to access your items in a portable storage unit. 

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Let Larsen Transfer Take Care of All Your Mobile Storage Needs

Our mobile storage containers at Larsen Transfer are perfect for the DIY move. You can take your time and do it at your own pace. 

Our portable Storage Hero mobile storage containers are also perfect for when you’re selling your home and need a space to de-clutter.

Here at Larsen Transfer, we deliver mobile storage solutions right to your curbside. Our onsite storage containers provide immediate and flexible solutions for a wide range of needs. They are placed curbside, or on the sidewalk for ultimate access and convenience. 

The next time you need a mobile storage unit during a DIY move, call on the moving mavens at Larsen Transfer at (509) 943-9139 or visit our on-site storage facility in Richland, WA!


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