Does your Moving Company Offer Storage Options?

long distance moving options larsen transfer storage
long distance moving options larsen transfer storage

Larsen Transfer’s Storage Options Can Make Your Move Easier

When you move, it is very likely, if not certain, that you will need to utilize a storage facility to keep your personal belongings safe and out of the way throughout the duration of the relocation. There are a variety of types of storage that are available with Larsen Transfer.

Short & Long-Term Options for Storage

As your moving company – in partnership with United Van Lines – Larsen Transfer offers storage-in-transit for your belongings for up to 90 days. After this three-month period, goods are transferred to permanent storage. 

What if you need temporary storage for furniture you recently purchased? You may need it stored for a brief amount of time while you move into your new home. You might also want to better market your home, and it is helpful to clear out certain items so you can present an appealing home interior. 

There is no moving or storage need that we cannot meet. No matter the reason for storage, we will be able to accommodate your storage requirements.  With our storage-in-transit and permanent storage solutions, we can ensure that if you choose not to move all of your personal belongings at once, they can be held by us until you are ready for them. 

During Moving, Storage Facilities Will be Secure

We understand how important your treasured possessions are.  That is why we provide the safest and most secure storage facility to hold your belongings. Special crates that we have make sure that your belongings won’t be damaged while in storage. 

Additionally, our storage facilities are climate-controlled, and have alarm systems, along with 24-hour security. You have the peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings are safe and secure in our facilities. 

Prepare for the Home Sale with Long or Short-Term Storage

It is wise to stage a house prior to the sale so home buyers are able to imagine how the living spaces will work for them.  If you have personal photos and furnishings that can cause a cluttered look, then you might as well put these items in storage before putting your home on the market. 

Your moving company can pack, do the loading, transport and store extra items until you are able to move into your new home. Your personal belongings will be stored in a secure, climate-controlled facility for however long you need them. 

We give you the flexibility of having your stuff stored for only a few weeks or as long as several months, if needed. You can rest assured as you prepare for your move that your stored belongings will be secure and ready for you to move them into your new home. 

storage options for moving

Let Larsen Transfer Take Care of All Your Moving and Storage Needs

Larsen Transfer is a full-service offsite storage provider serving the Tri-Cities (Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, West Richland) and the greater Inland Northwest!  Do you need file storage? Do you need to store equipment or other valuables?

Larsen Transfer offers a wide variety of storage systems to meet your unique commercial or personal storage needs:

    Permanent storage

    Storage in transit (Storage in Transit; SIT)

    File Storage w/ bar coding availability

    Commercial storage

    Climate-controlled storage

    Storage Hero/container storage including cold storage containers and mini storage.

As we are also an agent for United Van Line, so we have the capability to take care of all your moving and logistical and storage needs.  Trust Larsen Transfer – the industry leader – to make your next move happen seamlessly!


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