5 Moving Tips for Moving to a New City from Professional Movers

professional moving tips for moving to a new city

How to Move to a New City (Tips from Professional Movers)

If you are situated at the beginning of the moving process, you are probably wondering how you will transport all of your stuff to your new residence in a new city. Two obvious options are choosing a DIY move or hiring a professional mover. 

There are some ways to move that will save you money while other methods reward you with convenience and efficiency. 

In this blog space, we will offer practical moving tips to help you decide what way will be the best to bring all your personal belongings safely and economically to your new destination.

5 Moving Tips for Move to New City

moving tips for moving to a new city

Hire a Full-Service Moving Company

Clearly, hiring professional movers is the easiest means of moving your stuff to a new city. Professional movers can take on myriad moving duties from packing your boxes and loading them onto a truck to moving heavy furniture and helping with oversized items.

The most important aspect to this moving tip is remembering to solicit quotes from at least a few competent moving companies in your area. You should expect these moving companies to survey your personal belongings and offer you an accurate quote. 

It is worth noting that while hiring professional movers is the most hands-off and convenient of your moving options, it is also the most expensive. You should be prepared to pay at least several thousand dollars if you are doing a long-distance move. 

Rent a Moving Truck

Here is another moving tip. If you want to control all phases of your move and you desire to do all of it yourself, then renting a truck is the way to do it. You will enjoy a healthy cost savings by renting a truck, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on the move. 

In fact, your budget for a cross-country move when it comes to transporting your stuff with a rented truck could be $1,000 or less. You also enjoy the convenience of doing the move entirely on your schedule, not having to cater to a moving company’s time sensitive needs. You can set course for the most direct route that you determine will get you to your new home the fastest. 

Utilize a Freight Trailer Moving Company

This is the ideal solution if you do not want to incur the expense of having a professional moving company transport your stuff and you don’t have the energy to haul your belongings on a rented truck. 

This works similar to a moving container in that the freight trailer company will drop-off the trailer at your doorstep. You are given a specified amount of time to load your stuff onto the trailer. After you finish loading, the company will pick up the freight trailer and deliver it to your new residence.

You then have a set time frame to unload the trailer. This type of move presents people with a less costly alternative to a full-service moving company. 

Rent a Moving Container

5 moving tips

For our next moving tip, we think renting a moving container is a good idea if you require temporary storage before, during or after your move.  These containers give you an attractive alternative to hiring a professional moving company or renting a moving truck. You enjoy the bonus benefit of a storage unit throughout the moving process. 

You’ll find these moving containers to be sturdy and hold up well against adverse environmental conditions. For example, these moving containers are composed of weather-proof steel and they can be left outdoors for long stretches of time. 

How much stuff can you fit in one of these moving containers?  Large moving containers are capable of holding a three to four-bedroom household. Most small moving containers will usually hold the contents of a one to two-bedroom home. 

When you compare this moving option to using a professional moving company, you will find moving containers to be much more economical. However, you will likely pay more for moving containers than the cost of renting a moving truck. 

The process for using a moving container is as follows:  The company will drop off the moving container at your doorstep a few days before the move. You will then have a set period of time to load the container. After you have everything loaded into the container, the company will come by to get it and transport it to your new home. 

After you arrive at your new residence, you simply unload the moving container.  This hybrid DIY move is the perfect way to save a lot of money with your move. 

The perfect mover profile for a moving container:

  • Anyone who needs storage during the move
  • Someone who wants a flexible budget and is open to taking on the DIY way of moving

Ship Your Belongings 

If you are moving a great distance from your current home and you would rather not drive your stuff all the way to your new destination, then you should seriously consider shipping your belongings. You can ship all types of personal items from furniture to boxes to mattresses to mopeds. In fact, you can ship anything you own by simply using a number of shipping resources, including USPS. 

professional moving tips for moving to a new city

The perfect mover profile for shipping belongings:

  • Someone who is not moving that much in the way of belongings
  • Anyone who is moving to a college dormitory and people moving into a studio

Let Larsen Transfer Take Care of All Your Moving and Storage Needs

Are you about to move? Perhaps you don’t know where to turn when it comes to a company that can get you from your old home to your new residence, and in a timely, safe, and efficient manner. 

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