Tips and Tricks for Safely Moving Glass Furniture

safely move glass furniture

Best Ways to Safely Move Glass Furniture

Glass furniture does add elegance and style to your home décor. Glass also offers a sleek appearance to your interior design and it is nice to look at.

But when moving time arrives, that is when having glass furniture requires a lot of thought and time to determine how to move it carefully so it doesn’t end up in pieces when you arrive at your new residence. In order to move glass furniture the right way, you need certain supplies, and you have to take specific measures to ensure its safe transport in a moving van or truck.

Even with the assistance of professional movers, it is prudent for homeowners to understand the best way to package and secure glass furniture. What’s more, safe packing techniques can mean the difference between a disaster with broken glass or a less stressful move with all your glass items intact when you arrive at your new home.

Here is a useful guide with recommendations for moving glass furniture safely, whether it’s to a nearby city or across country.

safely transport glass furnitureSupplies You Will Need to Safely Move Glass Furniture

Here are the necessary supplies suggested for packing glass furniture:

  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Markers
  • Scissors or a razor blade
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing Glass Furniture

The initial phase of packing glassware is defining and sorting your fragile pieces. You’ll find that glass furniture will usually come with a wooden or iron support that might be detachable. Examine the glass furniture item and find out how much of it is removable. It is helpful to disassemble the furniture pieces as it makes it much easier to transfer them through glass doors, narrow hallways, and up and down staircases.

Let’s begin with a glass coffee table. Begin by detaching the delicate glass tabletop from the base to pack it. Because you will need to assemble the glass furniture back, you’ll want to take notice if the furniture has multiple detachable parts. You might take pictures during the disassembly process or make a video for a helpful visual reference.

safely move glass furnitureGlass tabletops are categorized as fragile items. Grab some packing tape and tape the glass tabletop in a criss-cross pattern to prevent the glass from shattering.

Then wrap the glass tabletop in packing paper or newspaper. It would be wise to secure this glass item with another layer of packing tape. This makes the glass scratch and fingerprint resistant during the move.

Use bubble wrap to wrap the glass tabletop to make sure you have extra protection.

Place your glass tabletop inside a packing cardboard box. First, however, stuff it with newspaper, protective packing material, and some clothes, Put the tabletop inside the box and fill gaps with more newspaper or other similar paper.

Stuff the box in a manner that keeps the glass tabletop from moving inside the cardboard box. You will then want to seal off the box and mark the box, “Fragile.” This will let the professional movers know to handle with care.

Packing Mirrors & Picture Frames

In order to make the moving process for these glass items easier, pack small mirrors and picture frames together. But take the necessary precautions, first. Use either painter’s tape or artist tape and make an “X” over the glass inset. Then cut a piece of cardboard that is somewhat larger than the glass and secure it to the frame with the same tape.

Wrap these glass items in bubble wrap or packing paper. Afterwards, line the bottom of a box with packing paper or foam sheets and slide each piece into it so the frames are in an upright position. Stuff paper into gaps to ensure the mirror or picture frame is stationary during the move.

tips to safely move glass furnitureYou should pack larger objects in a similar manner, but place them in their own boxes. If you don’t have a large enough box to contain a mirror or a bulky picture frame, you can make one by flattening a large box.

Remember to always mark these boxes containing glass items with “Glass” or “Fragile.” When it comes to flat glass items, write “Do Not Lay Flat” on both sides so they don’t break in transport.

Keep in mind that you should never lay the glass or mirror items on the ground while you’re moving. The reason for this is that these delicate items are strongest at the edges, so be sure to place them upright to prevent cracking or breaking.

You also will not want to stack glass items on top of each other. Stacking glass without any protective layer in between can result in scratches. That is where newspaper and packing boards come in handy.

It is best to ask for help when carrying packed glass items, even if they are light in weight.

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