What are the Benefits of Using Offsite Records Storage?

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What are the Benefits of Using Records Storage?

If you’re like many homeowners, you probably have important or sensitive papers and records that you prefer not to keep in your house. For business owners, your worksite may be inundated with filing cabinets that are taking up valuable space that could be better used for profit-making functions.

Why not consider offsite records storage for your home or business needs? You’ll find that your important files or records can be kept safe and protected in an offsite storage facility.

For homeowners, you might feel ambivalent about having vital documents, licenses, certificates, or other records in your home. If so, offsite records storage might be the perfect solution for you. For those of you who manage or own a business, you may have documents that contain sensitive information or valuable records that are important to the core operation of your company.

Either way, offsite records storage could be the answer that will give you peace of mind and confidence that your documents for business and important files for your family are safe and secure.

7 Benefits of Offsite Records Storage

Improve Cost Efficiency – For Your Business

You will find that offsite records storage will save you money as you will not have to rely on portable storage or leasing extra office space for keeping your important files and documents. When you opt for offsite storage, you just pay for the specific number of file boxes that you are occupying.

However, you are likely to find that you will encounter less flexibility if you choose to lease extra office space or a self-storage unit. If you outgrow that storage space, you are burdened with looking for more offsite storage, or you have to transport your important files and records to a bigger storage unit. That could stretch your budget as it saddles your business with additional costs.

Ultimately, stored documents kept in filing cabinets consume lots of space that could be utilized for revenue generating employees. This is another reason to opt for offsite records storage.

Create More Space at Your Home or Office

It is especially the case that if you are a larger business or your company has been around for many years, you will have accrued large amounts of files and records. These files are locked away in space-consuming filing cabinets that are limiting your use of other areas at your worksite.

Instead, by choosing to leverage offsite storage, you will create valuable real estate at your business for other purposes that could contribute to your bottom line.

When it comes to your home, you may have taken up valuable space in the den or study with many files and documents that, if kept in offsite records storage, could free up space in your house for things like furniture or entertainment consoles.

Think how your home could look less cluttered if you removed those bulky filing cabinets that tend to take away from the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces.

Maintain Seamless Operations During an Emergency – For Your Business

A natural disaster could strike at any time. It might be an earthquake, fire, or flood, etc. If your business falls victim to the effects of an extreme event like this, you could have to contend with damaged or destroyed files and records that were stored away in boxes at your worksite.

But when you look to offsite records storage, you stand a much better chance of saving or recovering your vital documents and records. Your important records are probably going to be safe and intact when they are stored at a secure storage facility. As a result, offsite records storage lets you enjoy greater business continuity with little or no disruption in operations after a natural disaster strikes.

Maintain Privacy for Private Records Offsite – For Your Business

Your corporate records and other sensitive materials likely need to be secured in an offsite storage facility that has locks and surveillance cameras. Since your worksite may not be equipped to provide secure storage, the best choice is an offsite records storage solution. The company that provides this offsite storage will have the expertise and resources to adequately secure your sensitive files.

Protect Files from Environmental Damagebusiness record storage

It is better for the integrity of your important files and documents to use a climate-controlled storage facility. For offsite records storage, you don’t want to take any chances on weather-related occurrences damaging your files and other vital papers. Thanks to climate-controlled storage, your records will also be given an additional barrier from dust and debris.

Climate-controlled storage allows your business, or you as a homeowner, to safely store important files and documents where they won’t be affected by extreme temperatures or humidity. You can put your mind at ease knowing that your files will remain in their original condition no matter what the outdoor elements bring.

Improve Your Time Efficiency – For Your Business

If you opt for offsite records storage for your business, you can potentially save your company lots of time. You will find that offsite storage solutions will conserve time rather than if you handled your own records.

For example, your employees don’t have to spend countless hours searching for files or documents in boxes or filing cabinets at the work site. This creates a drag on production by taking workers out of their money-making job duties while they tend to clerical functions like retrieving files. Instead, offsite storage facilities eliminate this downtime and you enjoy quick and easy access to records at an offsite facility.

You can anticipate that your provider of offsite records storage will allow business owners and others in the company to locate and manage records fast and efficiently.

Protect Records from Theft

If you have important records or files at your home or office, you run the risk of them being stolen during a burglary. If this happens, you could lose documents that are irreplaceable to your family or business.

The solution is having a storage company handle your sensitive files and important documents. Typically, an offsite storage provider will use security systems like 24/7 video surveillance and guarded premises to make sure your records are safe and secure.

Let Larsen Transfer Take Care of All Your Storage Needsoffsite record storage by larsen transfer

Larsen Transfer has records storage barcode tracking technology, which allows us to reliably locate and retrieve your records quickly and efficiently. Our secure offsite records storage facility is ideal for preventing accessibility issues.

Don’t let your confidential business and personal information fall into the wrong hands. We offer 100 percent confidentiality, 24-hour rush request, climate-controlled storage units in Richland and other nearby cities, fully secured, and pest and fire protected storage.

If you’re looking for reliable storage for your home or office, then call upon the storage experts, Larsen Transfer at (509) 943-9139.


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