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Whether you’re moving and need to get rid of household items and clothes you don’t use anymore or you’re giving your home a Spring makeover, decluttering your home will immediately give your home a new feel. Selling your items in a yard sale is an option, but if you want to do good while decluttering your home donating your items to worthwhile local organizations is the way to do it. Donating your gently used items is one way you can declutter your home with helping those in the Tri-Cities, WA community who may be going through a rough patch. As a small family-owned moving company in the Tri-Cities, WA we love participating, volunteering, and giving back to our community any way we can. We know that a lot of young families with busy schedules find it hard to volunteer their free time when they have so little of it, but by donating household items you no longer need or use you’ll be doing your part to help those in the community. Here are a few organizations that could accept donations.

Donating Goods to Union Gospel Mission

The UGM provides shelter, food, clothing, and a host of social services for the homeless in the Tri-Cities, WA. They provide recovery programs and mental health services for those facing a hard time due to addiction or abuse. According to their website, running the mission is a lot like running your home but on a much bigger scale. They are constantly on the lookout for goods and household items to make the shelter a more comfortable place for everyone. You can check out their Urgent Needs list for a list of items they need — you can always donate items you think they could use, like children’s toys, clothing, and furniture.

Donating Household Items Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery and Sails Outlet

Safe Harbor provides a safe and nurturing environment for children and family’s recovering from trauma and abuse. The Sails Outlet for Safe Harbor is an upscale thrift store that was established to offset the operating expenses of Safe Harbor Criss Nursery. All profits of this thrift store go directly towards the operating expenses of the nursery. the store is completely staffed by volunteers. If you want to donate your household items this great thrift store on a mission is a great way to give back to the community and declutter your home.

Donating Appliance and Furniture to Habitat for Humanity Store

This unique thrift store is unlike any you’ve seen. The store supports the work of Tri-County Partner Habitat for Humanity. They’re constantly looking for donations of new and used (in good condition) household items, furniture, appliances, and building materials from individuals, businesses and other community members to be sold to the general public. Proceeds of all sales help Habitat for Humanity build homes for qualified families living in the community. We can all give back to our community and donate our time and resources. By donating items you no longer need or use you can declutter your home before a big move and help others who are less fortunate. As a small business moving company in the Tri-Cities, WA we love our community and the people in it!

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