Moving Boxes: All You Need To Know

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Moving Day is only a couple of weeks away, and you have to start thinking about packing away all your belongings into boxes. This is often the tedious part, especially if you have odd-shaped or fragile items that need to be boxed carefully. Finding a place for everything becomes difficult when you don’t have the moving boxes you need. But fret no longer! This useful blog hopes to explain what kind of moving boxes are available, and some great packing tips to get you going. Also, make sure to visit our Additional Services page, where we list all of our packing material available, along with prices. We even offer used, but still good as new, moving boxes for sale.

Packing and moving boxes come in many different shapes and serve many different functions. Some are corrugated, some are heavy-duty, and some even have handles. But be aware, the rule of thumb is to not pack boxes heavier than 50 pounds; you’ll have to move it around yourself after all.

Need help choosing the right moving boxes for your items?

Below is a handy list of moving boxes and what you can use them for. Larsen Transfer has a variety of moving boxes available. Ask us about our moving boxes and packing materials!

  • Hanging wardrobe boxes. How do you keep your wardrobe looking good after a move? Purchase hanging wardrobe boxes. These are great for a wardrobe you can’t just pack flat into a box. These come in various sizes and have a metal bar in the center to hang clothes, just like a regular wardrobe. Some movers also use these boxes to move chandeliers or delicate ornaments.
  • Picture and mirror moving boxes are specially designed to hold flat mirrors, or artwork, and protect them from shattering and scarring. All mirror boxes can be telescoped, meaning that two can be put together to cover bigger items, just make sure to use strong filament tape to hold them together.
  • Dish packs are great for neatly packing fragile glasses, dishes, china, and/or liquor or wine bottles because they are of extra-strength, multi-layer construction. Don’t try and overstuff the moving boxes, as they can easily fall and shatter.
  • Boxes for mattresses. Although most movers can and will wrap your mattress in plastic, packing them inside a mattress box will prevent puncturing and scarring. They come in different sizes, from crib mattresses to king size. There are also lay down wardrobe boxes, which resemble pullout drawers.
  • Records storage boxes are the perfect size to store files and important documents. This ensures that none of your files will get damaged during the move.
  • Investing in bubble wrap, packing paper, foam wrap, or foam peanuts is important, it keeps everything cushioned to prevent shattering or breaking.
  • The 1.5 cubic foot moving (16 x 12½ x 12½ in.) is the most commonly used box and carry up to 60 lbs. Other boxes are:
    • 0 cubic feet (18 x 18 x 16 in.) and can safely carry up to 65 lbs.
    • 5 cubic foot moving box (18 x 18 x 24 in.) can safely carry up to 65 lbs. This one comes in handy when you need to pack away lamps, large kitchen appliances, pots, and pans.
    • 0 cubic foot moving box (22 x 22 x 21 ½ in.) can carry up to 70 lbs. Use this box for cushions and pillows, large comforters, toys, and stuffed animals.
    • 1 cubic foot moving box (24 x 18 x 24 in.) is a rectangular shape and can be used for a household that does not fit properly into the 6.0 cubic boxes.
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Larsen Transfer Can Help

Larsen Transfer is a full-service moving and storage company. Our passion is making your next big move the smoothest possible. Have other questions about moving, packing, or shipping boxes? Call us at (509) 943-9139, we’d love to help ant way we can. We have a variety of inexpensive, heavy-duty moving boxes to meet your needs. Larsen Transfer is a family-owned and operated Moving and Storage Company, servicing Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, WA and Pendleton, Ore. Know someone else who is moving? Let them know about the wide variety of moving boxes available to fit their specific needs.

As we are also an agent for United, we have the capability to take care of all your moving and logistical needs.  Trust Larsen Transfer – the industry leader – to make your next move happen seamlessly! 


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