Packing and Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Moving from one home to another is a hectic time. Transporting your life from one location to another one is a huge undertaking that typically involves a lot of stress and chaos. And anytime you are juggling a lot of things at once, you are likely to make a few missteps. The least amount of moving mistakes you can make, the more pleasant and cost-effective your move will be. 

So, a major advantage for you in the moving process is learning about what you should and should not do before your next move.  With some preparation and premeditation, moving homes can be easier than you ever thought possible. 

7 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  1.  Forgetting to Write a Moving Checklist

You can never underestimate the power of making a practical moving day checklist. If you don’t have one, you’ll liable to experience disorganization as well as forgetting to make the required phone calls or neglecting packing important items. 

Packing Tip:  Simply write a moving day checklist in addition to a pre-move checklist. Have them posted in a central location and be sure to add to it as soon as forgotten tasks come to mind. 

  1.  Waiting to the Last Minute

Procrastinating just makes moving even more stressful and difficult than it has to be. We recommend planning your move well ahead of time – as in weeks or even several months before the move. 

Packing Tip:  Begin packing as soon as possible. Organize your possessions, pack them a little at a time, and put yourself in an advantageous position to have everything ready to go on time. 

  1.  Keeping Items You Don’t Really Need

One common dilemma associated with moving is finding loads of clutter and not knowing what to do with it. Clearly, it’s easy to begin throwing everything you own into boxes and loading them onto the moving truck. But when you arrive at your new home, you find yourself stuck with things you don’t really need or want. 

Packing Tip:  Sift through your belongings critically and decide what you should and should not keep.  Create separate piles, and consider donating excess personal items or putting on a yard sale to earn extra moving money. 

  1. Packing Without the Right Supplies

Prior to packing, it is important to have packing supplies on hand to make the move a smoother experience for you and your family. While you might focus primarily on boxes and tape, you will ease your workload and minimize accidents if you are equipped with the right packing materials. 

Packing Tip:  Use carts and dollies for moving heavy items, and use plenty of bubble wrap and packing peanuts to protect cherished and delicate personal belongings.  Mattresses and furniture covers are ideal for protecting your items during transport. 

  1.  Declining to Ask for Help

It’s understandable to be immersed in  making all the necessary arrangements to pack and move, but not asking for help from friends or neighbors could cost you dearly. 

Packing Tip:  Having help to move saves you lots of time and energy. 

  1.  Forgetting to Change Your Address 

You might be surprised to learn that people often neglect changing their address when moving, which results in mail going to the wrong location, along with other snafus. 

Packing Tip:  Inform the post office of your change in address so they can begin to forward your mail to your new home. Be sure to also let other official entities know about your address change, as well. 

  1.  Forgetting to Cancel Utilities 

The last thing you want to happen after you’ve moved is to have your bills and official notices to show up at your old home.  Many people forget to contact utility companies to notify them of their move. 

Packing Tip:  Make it a point to call your utility providers and let them know about your upcoming move. Instruct them to forward your bill from your last month in your house to your new address and be sure to set up all energy services in your new home. 

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