What You Should Know if You’re Moving to the Tri-Cities

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Whether you’re thinking of relocating to the Tri-Cities or moving to your dream home locally, Tri-Cities offers neighborhoods that are safe, growing, full of local amenities and entertainment options. Tri-Cities is also one of the fastest-growing young metropolitan areas in Washington. Every day you see new home construction, buzzing commercial districts, new restaurants, and a variety of new cultural and art options. Whether you’ve never been here or are moving back after having spent a couple of years abroad there are several things you should know about living here.

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Ed Hendler Cable Bridge Kennewick, Washington

Tri-Cities Farmer’s Markets, Local Food Joints, Craft Beer, and Award-Winning Wine

Tri-Cities is passionate about all things local, organic, and uniquely homegrown. We boast everything from an award-winning AVA, to craft distilleries, and uniquely local Tri-Cities restaurants serving homegrown fare. It helps that we have a vibrant agricultural industry and we’re the largest hops producer in the world. It’s the perfect location if you’re a self-described foodie with a love for one-of-a-kind culinary experiences. We have everything from taco trucks, to french restaurants, to pho establishments, and new restaurants are opening up almost monthly.

Coworking, Maker-spaces, and all things Tech in the Tri-Cities, WA

Anchored by PNNL, manufacturing companies, and Hanford, the Tri-Cities attracts and retains talented minds across a wide array of industries: from scientists to programmers to engineers, and entrepreneurs. That minds that we’re passionate about the advancement of sciences, arts, technology, and culture. Here you’ll find everything from co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and cultural creatives, to maker-spaces for people who love making and tinkering, to a list of free community events and library programs to introduce these same concepts to children. If you love creativity, technology, and being surrounded by like-minded people, Tri-Cities is the place to be.

Family and the Great Outdoors

If there is one thing you’ll hear people talk about is that the Tri-Cities is a great place to raise children. We have great schools, libraries, museums, parks, and organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for families. The cost of living in the Tri-Cities is considerably lower than other metropolitan areas, without sacrificing the amenities and local attractions enjoyed by bigger cities. The Tri-City’s central location in the Mid-Columbia means we’re only mere hours away from bigger cities like Portland, Seattle, and Spokane. If you’re more of an outdoorsy type you’ll love the Pacific Northwest. It’s string beauty bound in national forests, waterfalls, sky-high mountains, luscious valleys, and tons of opportunities for camping, water sports, and hiking.

The Tri-Cities has a lot to offer, it’s no wondering new people are moving here daily and making it there forever home. We’re a passionate family-owned moving business with a great love for where we live and work. Planning on moving here to the Tri-Cities? Give us a call today for an estimate!

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