How to Select the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

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Choosing the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

Maybe you’re planning to move and you need to store furniture.  Perhaps you are downsizing and you require storage to hold items you don’t have room for in your new, smaller home. 

If you are looking to utilize a storage facility, be sure you know exactly what size storage unit you will need. What size storage do you think you will need?  The answer is not always straightforward as there are several standard storage unit sizes with varying features. 

When choosing a storage unit, or units, you should consider a few factors, such as availability, intended use, and how much stuff you want to store

How to Select the Appropriate Storage Unit Size 

  1.   Determine the Storage Unit’s Primary Function

You do not want to outgrow a storage unit and be stuck transferring everything to a larger space.  The first objective is to assess the primary function of the unit to help you determine what size storage unit your stuff requires. 

Common questions you need to answer include:  

  • Will I be storing a car?
  • Will I be storing an expanding business inventory?
  • Do I need temporary storage for a move?
  • Do I want to store some items indefinitely?
  • Will I be rotating items in and out of the storage unit?

You need to know what you want to store and how often the items in your unit will be changing.  Identifying the function of your storage unit will help you select the unit size that is most suitable for you. 

For example, if you want to store business inventory, you should consider renting a larger unit than you will initially need to allow for room to grow. If the goal of getting a storage unit is to declutter your home a little at a time, choose a unit with extra space upfront. 

If you only need to store items during a temporary move, however, choose a unit that is appropriate for your initial belongings. For this purpose, the amount of possessions in your storage unit is not likely to change. 

  1.   Create a Preliminary Inventory

Even if you have a good sense of what you want to put in the storage unit, you’re better off making a list as you walk through your house. Often times you don’t initially realize how much stuff you need to store until you take an inventory of all your belongings. 

 When you create an inventory, make note of the following: 

  • Include approximately how many moving boxes you will store. 
  • Figure out how many pieces of furniture that will be going into storage. 
  • Get estimate measurements of larger furniture. 
  1.   Use Painters Tape to Measure Storage Unit Sizes

If it is difficult for you to conceptualize space, try this option.  Use painters tape or masking tape to mark off a space the size of an average unit in your driveway or another open area. Then, begin placing empty moving boxes inside to determine how quickly the area gets filled.  This scenario is ideal for smaller units. 

  1.   If You Are in Doubt, Opt for One Size Bigger

Though it is tempting to be economical when choosing a storage unit by opting for one that is smaller than you need, you should avoid doing so for safety reasons.  For instance, you should not pack boxes more than four high. Additionally, do not stack furniture more than two pieces tall. If you do, you could damage your belongings or it can become a hazard when you unpack. 

What’s more, take note that occasionally a bigger sized unit is only a couple more dollars a month. In some cases, a larger unit could be less expensive if there is more availability. You might also save money by opting for a larger unit if the rental is not climate controlled. Don’t let the larger size deter you before you have an opportunity to run the numbers. 

Common Storage Unit Sizes

5’ by 5’ – This compact space is the smallest storage unit available in most storage facilities.  The 5’x5′ is perfect when you need a little more room around the house.

5’ by 10’ – This is the ideal size if you want just a little more space for your belongings. This size is perfect if you live in a small apartment in the city. 

5’ by 15’ – This is about 30% bigger than the 5’x10′. This storage unit can fit the furnishings of a full-size bedroom, which will work well if you’re moving out of a tiny studio apartment.

10’ by 10’ – The 10’x10′ is the most popular storage unit size because of its versatility. It’s a medium-sized space that amounts to about one-hundred square feet or about half the size of a standard garage.

Get more information on rental storage unit sizes here

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