Art Collector’s Dilemma – Fine Art Moving

As an art and antiques collector you cherish your prized collection and take extra steps to guarantee your priceless items are kept safe and secure. When planning a move, the prospect of having to relocate these items can be a little intimidating and overwhelming.

You need a trusted specialist with years of experience relocating delicate fine art collections. At Larsen Transfer we offer 3rd Party Packing and Crating services to meet the needs of clients with valuable and fragile items that require special care.

3rd Party Services and Crating

This service is for items that need special attention during moving.  Items like your washer, dryer and ice maker need to be disconnected and reconnected by a 3rdparty company prior to your move once you are ready to have your shipment delivered.  If you have a grandfather clock, it will need to be serviced to be shipped properly.  You might also have some fragile items that need to be crated like, glass, marble, slate, stain glass and/or animal heads during transit.

Protecting valuables begins with education on moving conditions, packing guidelines and mode of transport options. What may be ideal conditions for moving clothes and regular household items can damage or destroy rare, delicate antiques and art pieces. Interstate or international moves can also place an added layer of complexity to these high-needs moving cases.

Moving, Storage, and High-Needs Cases

Larsen Transfer and Moving has the resources and contractors required to pack and crate valuable items. Larsen moving specialists have a portfolio of satisfied customers. We also offer storage options to meet your needs.

Their team undergoes additional training to ensure proper handling, packing, wrapping, crating and placing of valuable and fragile items inside the moving truck. Knowing how your valuable items will be custom-wrapped and shipped will set you at ease during your move. Our high-value inventory procedure makes ensures we can meet the needs of our customers.

Larsen Transfer is also licensed, insured and bonded, providing extra piece of mind for the transfer of your fine art collection in the rare occurrence that your valuables are damaged during the move.

Are you looking to relocate fine art and antique collectibles? Contact Larsen Transfer and Moving for moving evaluation and quotes at (509) 943-9139 or visit us at 220 Wellhouse Loop in Richland, WA.


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