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Moving is an exciting time for everyone in the family, from the giddy preschooler to the anxious, yet, wistful teenager. However, along with the excitement of moving to a new home or even a new place, there is also a lot of stress and anxiety involved in making sure everything goes smoothly and keeping everything organized. Not to mention that nagging feeling that you may lose or break something in the move. Here at Larsen Transfer, we’re kind of pros at the moving experience, and we’ve done research on some of the most useful moving hacks to keep it manageable, efficient, and dare we say, fun?

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How to pack clothes

When packing clothes, we know your immediate action is to take everything off the hanger, fold it and place it neatly inside a box. But, you may be making your life harder down the road for the sake of organization. Instead, take a trash bag or a garment bag and wrap your clothes around the hanger to keep everything contained. Once you get to your new home, you can simply take the clothes and rehang them in your new closet. It’s really that easy! And if you’re looking for some inexpensive and sturdy clothing boxes for moving, we’ve got ones that do just the trick!

Keep the essentials accessible

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes it can get easily missed. Some of us, when we’re putting our stuff away, we put everything away. Then, we realize we can’t brush our teeth, don’t have an extra pair of clean underwear, and can’t eat our food without utensils. Oops! It happens to even the best of us. So, the solution is this: get a big clear plastic storage bin and keep all your essentials there during the move so you have them within reaching distance when necessity strikes. This can include a box cutter, paper towels, toiletries, power strips, tools, accessories, eating utensils and plates, toilet paper, favorite kid toys and books, and the essential cookware. This will ensure that even when all your other stuff is boxed up and ready for shipping, you still have your essentials nearby.

Use soft items for padding

We’re big fans of finding different uses for mundane household items. You don’t need to spend much money on as much packing material (such as bubble wrap) as you think. Items like cushions, pillows, sheets, towels, and stuffed animals can be used to safely pack and pad other fragile items around your house. You can also tape up other breakables like mirrors and plates to help minimize any shock from moving around.

The Press N’ Seal Moving Hack

Did we mention we’re big fans of using mundane household items for surprising uses? We did? Oh. Did you know easy it is to use press n’ seal wrap to keep all your clothes and jewelry displays intact during a move? Drawers are like their very own moving boxes, so it’s not necessary to unpack and refold everything once you get to your new home. Use Press n’ Seal to wrap around the drawers and anything else that may fall off. And voila! Fewer boxes and less fuss.

The Ultimate Hack: Hire Larsen Transfer

We know how busy you are with your everyday life, and moving just adds more stress to the equation. Helping our clients move without stress or fuss is our number one goal, it’s also a lifelong passion. We learn new tricks every day to help keep your move enjoyable and stress-free. Trust us to provide quality service and safe delivery. Call us today for a quote (509) 943-9139.

As we are also an agent for United, we have the capability to take care of all your moving and logistical needs.  Trust Larsen Transfer – the industry leader – to make your next move happen seamlessly! 


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